Kampot : Places To Go In Cambodia

Set in Cambodia’s Southeast the provincial capitol Kampot has a sleepy colonial feel to it.

The town is overlooked by the Elephant mountains giving it a different feel to most other places in Cambodia.

Kampot is used as a base for visiting Bokor Hill Station with its old casino and church, and for the resort town of Kep with its cheap seafood.



From Phnom Penh

Taxis leave from Phsar Thmei or Phsar Doeum Kor near the Intercontinental hotel. It takes about 2.5-3 hours and the road is nearly completely resurfaced. Taxis are 10,000R/person minibus 6000 riel a seat or $15 - $20 for a private car.

From Sihanoukville

It’s a 2 - 2½ hour, 110km road trip. Taxis from Sihanoukville leave from opposite the market or the taxi rank where the buses come in from Phnom Penh. Prices are about 10,000-12,000 Riel a seat or $20-$25 for a whole car. The Red Snapper Guesthouse has 4WD transport to Kampot every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for $6 which leaves at 7am. You go north from Sihanoukville on Rte 4 to Veal then turn east on Rte #3 to Kampot. (the road is now quite good)

By Train

If you have the time and patience it is a very scenic trip but takes about 5 hours on rather dilapidated tracks. It goes from Sihanoukville to Kampot and then on to Phnom Penh on odd days. Leaves at 6:30AM. 6500R.


Kampot town is quite small and motodups are the normal form of transport. Prices are 500-1500 riel in town or about a dollar an hour for longer trips. Motorcycle rental: 100cc ($3-$5/day) and 250cc ($7-$8/day). There are a few motorcycle shops near the traffic circle in the middle of town. All hotels and guesthouses will help you arrange motorcycles, taxis etc.


Canadia Bank has exchange services and MoneyGram cash transfer. Acleda Bank offers Western Union services. Moneychangers/goldsellers are located on the streets arround the market and normally offer the best exchange rates.


The post office is on the river road.

Phone and fax services can be found near the market and some internet shops offer the cheaper option of internet phoning.

Several internet shops can be found in town. They are relatively fast for Cambodia and charge $2-3 per hour or part thereof.

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