Kampot Cambodia : What To Do

Recommended things to do and see in and around Kampot Cambodia.

Info The best way to get around apart from driving yourself is to hire a moto-taxi and rider for $6-10 a day depending on his level of English. They know where to go and what people want to see. Your guesthouse can normally arrange this for you, and also bicycles for the more energetic.

Bokor Hill Station

Cold and eerie this is the main attraction in Kampot for tourists. It is a mountain top collection of buildings (hotel, casino, church, royal residence, etc.), constructed in the early 1920s by French authorities as a compliment to the popular Kep resort area.

Bokor was an elegant getaway for foreign visitors to old Indochina in the past but years of neglect have left ghostly ruins. Often shrouded in fog and clouds this used to be the escape for the upper classes during the oppressive hot season. The views of the coast can be stunning but bring a jacket as it can be cold! up there.

Accomodation is available at the ranger station at the top for $5 a night but bring everything you need. Jungle trecks down and around the mountain can also be arranged with the rangers. You take Route #3 (to Sihanoukville) from Kampot to a well-marked turnoff. Entrance fee is $5 at the ranger station at the base of the mountain.

The road up is in bad condition so if you are not sure take a 4wd trip up and not a motorbike. Remember you can do this on the way to Kep from Sihanoukville with the Red Snapper tours, thus saving time and money.

Kampong Trach

A boring little town on the Vietnamese border but the main attraction is the limestone caves. You will see huge outcrops dotted around for miles. Water has eroded them forming numerous caves. The best one has been hollowed out so much that the roof has collapsed creating a mini jungle area where locals have many shrines and a large reclining Buddha creating some great photo opportunities. A torch and walking shoes are needed for any serious exploration.

Go left at the white horse monument on the road to Kep. The road is not that good so allow at least half a day for this trip.

Caves near Kampot

At Phnom Sia one cave contains a supposedly elephant shaped rock formation that is treated as a shrine. At Phnom Ta'aun there are more caves but not that interesting

Kep Beach

There is not a lot of beach and it all but disappears at high tide. The road through Kep follows the coastline most of the way then curves back on itself to form a large loop. Admission is charged for cars but motorbikes are free. Remember this is a one way road and police sometimes fine people who violate the rule. The beach is normally very quiet but can get very busy at weekends with locals visiting.

Rabbit Island

This island is only a few hundred meters offshore with nice beaches. A few locals live on the island but bring whatever you need for the day. Boats can be arranged through your guesthouse. This is well worth a visit for a days relaxation.

River Trips From Kampot

Trips to Coral Island and wildlife/eco trips upriver from Kampot to Stung Keo and beyond can be arranged through you guesthouse.

Tekcchou Resort & Zoo

This is an area 8km outside town on the Prek Chha river. It is a popular picnic area for locals and visitors alike. There are small rapids in the river here to play around in and cool off. There are plenty of stalls selling drinks and food. Nearby is a small zoo, nowhere near International standards but worth a look.

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