Sihanoukville Cambodia : Local Travel Costs & Tips

Travel costs and tips for getting aound Sihanoukville Cambodia.


Moto Taxis

Expect to pay 1000-2000 riel in town and 2000-3000 riel when heading from there to the beaches. Don’t expect to pay the same price as the locals and prices do go up at night. Remember that prices from the bus station and ferry terminal are higher because the moto driver has to pay a fee to be at those two places. It’s probably fair to say that moto drivers in Sihanoukville are not the best in Cambodia (and that’s up against some stiff competition!). Make sure that you agree on the price and your exact destination before setting off (otherwise they’ll just take you to a place that pays them commission). And, of course, it goes without saying that their almost definitely lying when they say a hotel/guesthouse, restaurant/bar is closed or no good. Finally, try and take a moto driver who is connected to your guesthouse/hotel, as robberies are known to occasionally happen.

See Public Transport In Towns for more general information on traveling by moto.

Hiring Motorbikes

There are loads of places to hire motorbikes in Sihanoukville. Your guesthouse may well do it. If not, somewhere very nearby will. The cost is $3-$5 for 100cc bikes and $7-$8 for 250cc bikes.


Remember to always lock your bike or, if possible, get security to keep an eye on it for you, as theft is pretty common. Local attacks on foreigners in order to steal their motorbikes while riding their vehicles is extremely rare. However, it did sadly happen to a 24-year-old British national in November 2003 who was set upon by three local robbers while driving in Ochheuteal village. They stole his bike and severely wounded him in the process. Hopefully this will remain an isolated incident.

See Public Transport In Towns for more general information on traveling by motorbike.

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