Cambodia : Non Government Organization (NGO) Links

Links to more information about Cambodian Government and Non Government Organizations (NGO) operating in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Radio Sites and News
Radio Free Asia
Radio Australia
Voice of America
Radio France
Beehive Radio
Radio Khmer Krom
Veasna Meatophum
Voice of Democracy
Khmer Net Radio
Khmer FM
Radio Khmer China
Apsara Radio/TV
Asia Observer
Asia Society’s Cambodia Publications
Bayon Business News
Bayon Radio/TV
Bayon Pearnik
The Cambodia Daily
Cambodia Post
Cambodia Radio
Koh Santpheap
Phnom Penh Post
United Nations News
Yahoo! News

General News
Cambodian Profiles1
Cambodian Profiles2
Cambodian Timeline
Cambodian Canadia
History of Cambodia Pitaka
Watt Khmer Buddharangsy Australia
Khmer Khom
Cambodian Yellow Page

General Electionsin Cambodia:

Cambodia News
(in Khmer):
Cambodian Culture Forum
Khmer Collecting Links(more in here)
Every Day News

Cambodia News:
Cambodia Journal

General News About Cambodia
Lonely Planet
U.S. Library of Congress Country Study - Cambodia
Human Development Report
Language of Cambodia
Cambodia Profile (US Depart. of States)
Cambodia : Visitors Guides
Cambodia [MSN Encarta]

Legal System of Cambodia
Constitution of Cambodia
Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Laws and Regulations of Cambodia
Guide to Law Online: Cambodia (Kampuchea)
Cambodia Law
Law of Investment
Law and order - without the law
Law of Copy Rights
Cambodia In-Country Training Program
Law Firms
Japanese-Cambodia Cooperation on the Legal System

Cambodia's History
CAMBODIA - A Country Study
Leaders of Cambodia
Cambodian Stateman and flags
cambodian statesman
The World Factbook 2000: Cambodia
Human Rights, Justice of Toxic Waste in Cambodia
Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern HistoryCambodia's Troubled History
HM Norodom Sihanouk King of Cambodia
Pol Pot and Kissinger
Cambodian Genocide Program
90 Days in Cambodia
The Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness Project, Inc.
Pol Pot's Legacy
Research Genocide at Questia
Documentation Center of Cambodia
Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust
Pol Pot, "Brother Number One", Birth name Saloth Sar
Cambodian Communities out of Crisis
Will Cambodia put Pol Pot's legacy to rest?
Continuing Unrest
Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot
The Legacy of Pol Pot
CNN Newsmaker Profiles: Pol Pot
Khmer Rouge Canon 1975-1979

Buddha Statues Now
Heart of Buddhist
Beyon the Net(Srilanka)
Religion Academic Articles
Cambodian Photos
World Council of Religion Leaders
Zen Buddhism
Cambodian Trauma in America
Peace from the Prayers
Cambodian Buddhist School
Cambodian Buddhist Organization
Cambodian Buddhist Society Inch.
World of Buddhism
SJCBS - Khmer Temple (San Jose, California)
CB - Khmer Temple (Lowell, Massachusetts)
CBS - Khmer Temple (Silver Spring, Maryland)

IT Related Khmers
Khmer Dictionary for PDA (Palm & MS CE)
Khmer Dictionary for PDA
Khmer in Unicode
Test for Unicode support in Web browsers
Aksar Khmer Electronic Antaracheat

Cambodia's Other Information
Impunity in Cambodia
The Rising East (by BY RICHARD HALLORAN)
Khmer Navy
Khmer Library
Ame Khmer

Literatures, Arts, and Cultures
Dance - the Spirit of Cambodia
Sala Khmer
Learn Khmer
Center for Khmer Studies
Boat Racing Pictures
Angkor Dance Troup of Lowell
Angkor Dance
Lowell Water Festival
Cambodian Poems Literature

Cambodian Organizations
c-hope Berkeley Cambodian Student Association Cambodian American League of Lowell, MA
The Cambodian-American Heritage Inc.
Cambodian American National Council Cambodian Association of Illinois
Cambodian Collegiate Association
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
Cambodian Reconciliation Committee
Cambodian Student Association at Irvine
Cambodian Student Association at San Diego State University
Cambodian Student Society, California State University
Cambodian Students of Aloha at the University of Hawaii
Cambodian American Resource Agency
CIA World Factbook
Families with Cambodian Children
Friends of Khmer Culture
Khemarak Yuveakvey
Khmer Cafe
Khmer Connection
Khmer Institute
Khmer Krom Network
Khmer Student Association of Western Washington University
Khmer Student Association at the University of Washington
Khmer Student Organization, University of Florida
Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation
NISAI band
Northern Illinois University Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Project AIDS Khmer
Rajana Society
Sam Relief, Inc.
The San Jose Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc.
United Cambodia American Association
United Cambodian Association of Minnesota
United Cambodian Students at UCLA
World Congress of Cambodian
Ame Khmer
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Cambodian Association of Victoria (Australia)
Cambodian Defenders Project
Cambodia Development Resource Institute
Cambodian Information Center
Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace
Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights
Cambodian Mine Action Center
Cambodian Women’s Crisis Centre
Cambodian Student Association (France)
Cambodian Student Association (Japan)
Cambodian Students in China
Center for Khmer Studies
Center for Social Development
Dance The Spirit of Cambodia
Hanumann: Culture of a New Age (French)
Human Rights Watch: Cambodia
Friends Without a Border
International Human Rights Law Group (Cambodia section)
Japan Relief for Cambodia
Khmer Institute for Democracy
Mekong River Commission
Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia
NGO Forum
Open Forum of Cambodia
South East Asia Rivers Network
Robib Village
United Nations (in Cambodia)
Working Group for Weapons Reduction
World Cambodian Congress
Cambodia Development Resource Institute
Cambodian Association of Illinois
United Cambodian Development Association
Cambodian American league of Lowell
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association
United Cambodian American Association
Cambodian Association of Victoria Inc.
Cambodian Reconciliation Committee
Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation
Khmers Krom Network
Cambodian Humanitarian Organization for Peace on Earth
Khmer Institute
Khmer Forum

Cambodian Government Web Sites
Royal Government Website
Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia
National Asssembly
National Asssembly
Phnom Penh Municipality
Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce
National Info Communications Tech Dev Authority
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Land Mgmt, Urban Planning and Contruction
Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
The Council of Ministers
Port Authority of Sihanoukville
The Khmer Rouge Trial Task Force
The Council for the Development of Cambodia
Council for Administrative Reform

General News
khmer personal
Kher Future
Khmer Intelligence
Khmer Town
Khmer Life

Cambodia Government Oversea
Royal Cambodian Embassy in Washington, DC
Embassy of Cambodia in Canberra, Australia
Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan
United Nations: Permanent Mission of Cambodia in New York

Political Parties, Cambodia
Sam Rainsy Party (SRP)
Cambodian People's Party (CPP)
Funcinpec Party
Cambodian National Sustaining Party (CNSP) - led by Former Prime Minister Pen Sovann.

Media in Cambodia
National Television of Cambodia
Bayon Radio and TV
Phnom Penh Radio & TV 3
Cambodian Television 9
Apsara Radio and TV
Indradevi Magazine

Other Govts and Policies in/with Cambodia
Cambodia and ASEAN Business Information
Cambodia - Consular Information Sheet
US Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Australian Embassy in Cambodia
Chinese Embassy in Cambodia
Ambassade de France in Cambodia
Human Rights Watch: Cambodia
Association of Asian Parliaments for Peace
ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization
The World Bank and Cambodia
Mekong River Commission
Mekong Information
Cambodian Development Resource Institute
Cambodia Investment Boards

NGO Involving Cambodia / her Policies
Cambodia's Border Committee (CBC)
Mlup Baitong
The Cardamom Project
APSARA - Authority for the Protection of Angkor.
Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA)
United Nations
Cambodian Mine Action Center

Charitable Cambodia
Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights
Cambodia World Family
Friends Without a Border
Cambodian Heart - The Sunrise Children's Village
The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia
Sharing Foundation
Cambodian Red Cross

Photo, Pictures of Cambodia
Angkor Wat Glory
Cambodian Pictures

Pictures of Angkor
Pictures of Angkor
Jose's Concert at Angkor
Yahoo - Images
MSN - Images

Advertise Here
Angkor Asia Adventures Travel
Boncafé Cambodia
Aqua Resort Sihanoukville
Sharkys of Cambodia
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