Bits From The Beach – April 2019

Well this will probably be one if the shortest Bits from the Beach, due to well, most things being same-same and a lack of interesting antics from the non-Sino expats.

There are some interesting photos on social media, showing the new multi-level buildings being erected on sites previously occupied by well-known previously expat managed places such as Reef Resort, Beach Road, Coolabah, Golden Lion Plaza, Ernies burgers/Stevie C’s , Bar from Home, to name a few.

Also there is an interesting aerial photo we are showing here which shows the dramatic changes in Sihanoukville in just a few years. The most striking is the reduction in green spaces being replaced by giant scars on the landscape. This is not the only change wrought by the new overlords, apparently reported crime in Sinoukville is up by 25% in recent times.

Last month we mentioned the new Casino on Kho Rong Sanloem. Well that was recently closed, not for spilling sewage into the bay, but for excessive noise and lights. It seems that environmental pollution is allowed until the locals have trouble sleeping.

In other barang news, Khmer Wholesale should be closed by the time this edition hits the streets, having sold off most of their remaining stock. The client base basically disappeared, as all the business’ were overtaken by the new Sino Overlords.

Speaking of the Chinese invasion, the Khmer hierarchy is just waking up to the fact that they almost only shop in stores owned by their own nationals and that they import most of the goods and foods they sell as well as importing their own labor. Most of the few remaining Khmer business owners are beginning complain that although there are more people in town than ever, their businesses are suffering. Not that those at the top really care.

Tuk Out continues to operate in Sihanoukville but from a steadily reducing pool of restaurants, which at last look was about seven places. The popular Titanic restaurant has also recently closed.

Meanwhile The Small Hotel is entering its last few weeks of operation as the landlord resumes the building to lease it out to the Chinese in May.

Meanwhile in Kampot, Tuk Out has well over a dozen restaurant partners, including some familiar names of popular businesses that have relocated from Sinoukville. In a sign of the
times, Tuk Out announced that they will be making deliveries until midnight from those restaurants that remain open until that time.

This in itself is a big change from the sleepy old Kampot that was generally asleep by 10pm not so long ago. Things are ever changing in Kampot these days. The Australian football season (NRL and AFL) has started and a few bars in town are showing these games live, including Raging Bull Sports bar, Bundy Bar and Salt Bar.

By the was Stu has Salt Bar up for sale as the new baby is making life a bit too complicated. Another that is up for sale is the Magic Sponge but this time they appear to be selling the real estate as well as the asking price is well into the seven figure mark.