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A collection of articles about Cambodia selected from the back issues of the magazine. The Bayon has been published monthly since 1997 so there's plenty to read here. You can send us your articles for consideration as "We accept anybody’s ravings, and we often print them"

Bits From The Beach

We have spies at the beach, and since Snooky is a small town not much happens without them finding out about it. And now their best reports are being archived here for posterity.

Bits From The Beach – April 2019

Well this will probably be one if the shortest Bits from the Beach, due to well, most things being same-same and a lack of interesting antics from the non-Sino expats.

There are some interesting photos on social media, showing the new multi-level buildings being erected on sites previously occupied by well-known previously expat managed places such as Reef Resort, Beach Road, Coolabah, Golden Lion Plaza, Ernies burgers/Stevie C’s , Bar from Home, to name a few.

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Cockroach Corner

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There are cockroaches everywhere, here we leave no stone unturned and report on their activities. For best results sometimes you have to read between the lines.

Cockroach Corner – December 2014

That’s handy. The Khmer Rouge tribunal announced the other week it will suspend trial sessions until January, bowing to pressure from lawyers of one of the two defendants charged with genocide.

A tribunal statement said hearings would resume Jan. 9, deferring to threats of a boycott by lawyers of Khieu Samphan, who said it was unfair to proceed while they are still working on appealing the verdict in his first trial.

So all those overpaid lawyers and judges can have a ...more »

Phnom Penh Pub Page

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Our resident team of alcoholics do the hard work for you, save money and hangovers by reading their reports on the local watering holes before you go out.

Phnom Penh Pub Page – December 2014

I wanted to start off this month’s pub page with another string of excuses- bad weather – too drunk – no new bars – no old bars – broken laptop – Hunchback hit me too many times in the head with a cricket bat and I now permanently concussed…. Etc., but I was just too lazy to think of anything new, original or even remotely realistic. So I took the easy way out and went drinking.

More waiting is in order as Templar is still not ready to serve me alcohol – I wa ...more »


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Everyone has a story to tell, and we've published many of them in the past. If you have a good story send it to us as "We accept anybody’s ravings - and we often print them!!!"

Phnom Penh Prison Diary – Part 8

7th October

It’s coming up to a holiday, so the guards have upped the frequency of room searches. The rules are simple, if the guards can re-sell what you have, it will be taken. The official rules allow only the following property; an aluminium plate, a spoon, a cup, a blanket, pillow and a mosquito net. The easy way is to discretely pay 5,000r for an easy check, or have the whole room, and 20 prisoners property, trashed.

Today's guard is one of my personal favourite ...more »