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Our resident experts visit and review restaurants, bars and clubs around Phnom Penh. Some are old favorites and others are randomly chosen experiments.

Around & Out - December 2014

The Foodie

The Chat ‘n’ Chew on st.172 has been an expat recommendation floating around for some time now. The Foodie heads there to see if it gets the Foodie seal of approval.

The place was so packed on arrival, there was a birthday party going on, that we couldn’t get a seat to start with. After a quick beer over the street we returned to grab the one small table that was available. Like many of the places on the street old school rattan furniture is scattered aro ...more »

Around & Out - November 2014

The Foodie

Heading out on the first foodie venture to Phnom Penh’s tastiest eateries the difficult decision was obviously where to start. With the plan being to simply hunt down tasty dishes across the city from shacks, food stalls, bars restaurants, or anywhere else offering up flavor sensations, the options were of course endless. I was in the mood for something Asian, so why not start with something Cambodian. It had been a long time since I’d visited a Khmer beer gar ...more »