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We have spies at the beach, and since Snooky is a small town not much happens without them finding out about it. And now their best reports are being archived here for posterity.

Bits From The Beach – December 2014

Lots of talk down on the coast about WP (work permits) recently. A load of PP cops have been taking in the pleasures of Otres beach.

So picture 12 cops walk into your tranquil picturesque bar asking the western owner do you have a work permit "no, do you need one"? According to the cops the answer is yes and if you can’t provide one the fine is an instant $130 and we will be back in a month to check that you have one.

Other business on the beach were fined for also no ...more »

Bits From The Beach – November 2014

The roads of Sihanoukille are very topical this month for a couple of reasons firstly a couple of bad accidents that have caused multiple fatalities.

A middle aged Russian lost control of his high powered automobile slamming into a student riding his moto. The student who was due re retake his exam the next day died instantly. His moto was in several bits proving the Russian was going at some speed. It was rumoured the driver of the speeding car had had a few vodkas.

Mo ...more »

Bits From The Beach – October 2014

It has been a bit wet down here recently. But when the sun comes out it is truly splendid.

The 7th annual poker run took place this past month. Many of the old organisers had left or are otherwise engaged and it took a new team to get it up and running. An event that has proven to be the most popular event in the calendar a great way for the expats to meet new & old friends.

The 7th run started downtown at possibly downtowns most popular venue Charlie Harpers the first ...more »

Bits From The Beach – September 2014

Queenco Casino on Victory Beach held the first ever APT poker event in Cambodia at the end of July. Over 40 nationalities were represented with the eventual winner being a Dane who raked in over $27,000 over the 4 day event. He was a tourist who thought it would be fun! Well done mate. The event was reported to be a huge success. The only complaints were about being unable to fly direct to Sihanoukville. Well that is being corrected already with chartered flights now coming ...more »

Bits From The Beach – August 2014

Another fire to report this time it was a boat well in fact three. It was reported that an electrical fire stated the fire but witness statements suggest arson.

The triple decker Sun Boat which has been plying day trips to the islands for some time and the German owner has been quite successful. So jealousy could be a factor especially considering a new contract had been signed meaning a second boat would be needed. The second boat arrived about a week after the fire so bu ...more »

Bits From The Beach – July 2014

At the beginning of the past month what a lot of big bikes there were in town and generally the riders were big boys. The girlie bars were wetting themselves at the thought of doing some brisk business with many bikers from all over SE Asia and further afield. The Rebels club organised a punk band named Psychotic Reactions who went down a storm with the local residents of the normally quiet residential street. They must have wondered what hit them when they complained about t ...more »

Bits From The Beach - June 2014

Sihanoukville now has its own radio station only available thru the internet at present. In the future it will be on FM. has DJs from the local expat community some of whom are rather good. They have had some teething problems which included having their site hacked into and the Russian owner of all the equipment decided to withdraw all his equipment in the middle of a show. The station was off air for a few days while new equipment was shipped down fro ...more »

Bits From The Beach - May 2014

How quickly can you get from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong? Now you can do it in just 20 minutes. Just book on the speed boat looks the part and can even get to Saracen Bay on Koh Rong Samloem in 15 minutes. You can book a ticket from their booking office at the beginning of serendipity pier. Price is $30 return but numbers are limited so book in advance. The first boat leaves Sihanoukville at 9am the every hour except lunchtime till 3pm.

A new Indian restaurant has opened up ...more »