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There are cockroaches everywhere, here we leave no stone unturned and report on their activities. For best results sometimes you have to read between the lines.

Cockroach Corner – December 2014

That’s handy. The Khmer Rouge tribunal announced the other week it will suspend trial sessions until January, bowing to pressure from lawyers of one of the two defendants charged with genocide.

A tribunal statement said hearings would resume Jan. 9, deferring to threats of a boycott by lawyers of Khieu Samphan, who said it was unfair to proceed while they are still working on appealing the verdict in his first trial.

So all those overpaid lawyers and judges can have a ...more »

Cockroach Corner – November 2014

Lost for words. After a traffic accident which wasn’t his fault and the other driver did a runner a barang was invited to the local cop shop to file a report for his insurance purposes. A little intimidated by the surroundings he was asked what the other driver was doing at the time of the incident. After a minutes thought he replied. “He was driving in a Khmer fashion.”

The cops didn’t understand what he meant and pressed him for a further explanation. Not wanting ...more »

Cockroach Corner – October 2014

So the wrangling begins. Kem Sokha first deputy presidency of parliament said that he would rally lawmakers to move votes of no confidence against corrupt and long-serving CPP ministers.

The PM then threatened to boot him out.

A reminder that that this can now work both ways seems to have calmed things down with the PM now supporting the summoning of government ministers for questioning by National Assembly commissions proposal.

However National Assembly President He ...more »

Cockroach Corner – September 2014

Australian confusion. It is all rather confusing on the aussie front at the moment. First we have the multi million dollar refugee deal and rumours had it that the Australians were looking for an island site (well that’s no better than where they are now) which apparently will now be onshore. Then we get the announcement that they will be shipping ten thousand head of live cattle to the kingdom. A day later there is a debacle about an abattoir they need. I mean really for w ...more »

Cockroach Corner - August 2014

Do as we say not as we do. Nice to see the boys in blue out and about the other night. They may not be fining everyone at the moment but were out at 4am in a jeep on St 51. Only problem was they were going the wrong way with no lights on and had blacked out windows! Don’t know if they were drunk or not but at that hour it seems highly likely!

Duhhh. A guy sat at Golden Sorya mall on 51 and was approached by one of the local ice queens. No surprise there.

She became ve ...more »

Cockroach Corner - July 2014

Migrants scrabble. Rainsy says he will give money to retuning migrants from Thailand. Miscalculates number and cost, leaves country. Authorities then prevented Kem Sokha from giving money (far less than Rainsy’s amount) to migrant workers fleeing Thailand. Now it is claimed that CPP activists have been distributing leaflets chastising the opposition’s lack of assistance for returning workers. And so the farce continues. The Thai military tried to extort money out of migra ...more »

Cockroach Corner - June 2014

UNICEF. How much! We are all used to the outrageous amounts of money UN agencies lavish on themselves now Myanmar is experiencing the aid bubble. Last week The Irrawaddy reported that the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) is paying an exorbitant fee for its Rangoon office, which it rents from Nyunt Tin, a former general in Burma’s previous military junta. The next week, Unicef clarified the matter. It said it paid a “steep rental” of $87,000 per month. “Howeve ...more »

Cockroach Corner - May 2014

Freedom parked by the wayside. For the fifth time in a month (probably more by the time you read this) Mu Sochua was denied entry to Freedom park by security guards. During the ensuing scuffle seven people were injured. Why the hell isn’t the park renamed? Baton Park or Clubbing Park spring to mind. Blame ping pong Meanwhile talks between the CPP and CNRP broke down with each side blaming the other. The three main leaders of CNRP were unavailable for comment as Rainsy is in ...more »