Bits From The Beach – December 2014

Lots of talk down on the coast about WP (work permits) recently. A load of PP cops have been taking in the pleasures of Otres beach.

So picture 12 cops walk into your tranquil picturesque bar asking the western owner do you have a work permit “no, do you need one”? According to the cops the answer is yes and if you can’t provide one the fine is an instant $130 and we will be back in a month to check that you have one.

Other business on the beach were fined for also not having correct business licenses and any other flaw in their paperwork that they could think off. Total fines ran into 4 figures for some. Some owners had there receipts for fines of not having a WP translated and they translate into no business license fine no mention of a WP. We tried to go to the Department of Labour who issue WPs and they were closed until next week.

If you try and apply for a WP it is possible that they can back date the Permit for every E visa in your passport at $100 a year. That puts you off especially if you have been here for a few years. The STA (Sihanoukville Tourist Authority) have lobbied for an amnesty on the back date fines but there has been no definite agreement from the right authority. Confusion all around and rumours the cops will be back down from PP next week to target other areas of Sihanoukville.

There is a newish company in Sihanoukville who offer a dog kennels service. They also can train your dog, sell you a dog and everything that goes with the dog. One of their Western staff who was formerly in the military as a dog trainer was actually AWOL, MIA, etc. His wife has also accusing him of interfering with their kids. They tracked him down to Cambodia and this uncompromising town on the coast. He managed to somehow get wind of the cops tail and high tailed to PP then onto Kampong Cham & eventually was caught in Kratie still riding his distinctive black Honda.

The number of crazy people on the streets is increasing, at least two hangings one schizophrenic Brit and an Eastern Euro ice whore.

The traffic police now have so many staff they can work thru the lunch hour. If you are going to drive or ride in Sihanoukville you must have a helmet on a motorbike wear a seat belt in a car and have a current Khmer or International driving license….you have been warned.

If you are coming for Christmas or New Year make sure you book ahead it will be a riot down here…