Bits From The Beach – July 2014

At the beginning of the past month what a lot of big bikes there were in town and generally the riders were big boys. The girlie bars were wetting themselves at the thought of doing some brisk business with many bikers from all over SE Asia and further afield. The Rebels club organised a punk band named Psychotic Reactions who went down a storm with the local residents of the normally quiet residential street. They must have wondered what hit them when they complained about the noise coming from the bar so all the bikers came out side got on their trusty steeds and revved the hell out of them. Now they have something to complain about. In the end a few crates of beer were handed over to smooth things over.

Queenco hosted an event with live music had some side stands. Unfortunately the likes of Harley Davidson, Honda etc were not present at this event so some bikers said that the show was not properly organised and so did not attend. Sounds like some disagreement between gangs to me (or the management not being paid as rumoured around town).

A massage parlour located on Ekereach Street in the centre of town, not the most discreet location, was raided and shut down by the police recently. Two customers were nearing the conclusion of their happy ending massage when the cops burst in catching them in the act. The girls & customers were re-educated and the mamma san has been sent to jail for running a place of ill repute.

A British man who ran website for ‘best Thai woman’ in Devon has been arrested in Cambodia on sex charges. Officials named the man as 68-year-old Geoffrey Peter Ewen, although Cambodian police are known to often get the names of foreigners muddled. The Briton was arrested in the southern resort of Sihanoukville on charges which include filming her naked against her will. ‘He confessed that he sexually assaulted his girlfriend and produced pornography’, provincial deputy police chief Mam Makal told the Cambodia Daily website. A Cambodian website used by expatriates claimed that the man had also hired a Vietnamese woman for sex and that police believed the video was being shot for commercial purposes. According to police, Peter has been a regular visitor to Cambodia. He was said to have met his alleged victim, a 20-year-old at the Dream Bar in Sihanoukville, a drinking establishment which claims to have the ‘most beautiful girls in Sihanoukville’, and where a draft beer sells for just 75 cents. They began a sexual relationship, but a week later the woman went to police. She claimed that she had caught Peter videoing her as she left the bathroom naked – and that he had used a sex toy against her will while they were having sex.

Never a dull moment down at the beach!