Bits From The Beach – May 2014

How quickly can you get from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong? Now you can do it in just 20 minutes. Just book on the speed boat looks the part and can even get to Saracen Bay on Koh Rong Samloem in 15 minutes. You can book a ticket from their booking office at the beginning of serendipity pier. Price is $30 return but numbers are limited so book in advance. The first boat leaves Sihanoukville at 9am the every hour except lunchtime till 3pm.

A new Indian restaurant has opened up next door to Olive & Olive. Kama sutra offers your usual array of curries, Dahls & breads. The quality is very good, flavour punching curries at good prices always goes down well.

Khmer New Year came & went official figures showed a 5% increase on foreign & local tourists. All hotels & GHs reported that they were full. The big attraction for the Khmers is the big concert on Ochheuteal sponsored by Anchor this year and the Khmers certainly get stuck in and quaff down as many beers as possible and the fall asleep every where. So definitely one spot to avoid.

Otres beach and The Barn had special nights over Khmer New Year which was well worth the trek down there. Always dodgy coming back down the long dark road and would definitely advise if you have to get back from Otres go in a group.

Fire hit Sihanoukville again when a bar on Victory Hill went up. Luckily the fire brigade are based on Victory Hill and were able to extinguish the blaze before it spread. Unfortunately the foreigners living above the bar lost all their belongings. Some expats on VH organised an auction and raised money with gifts donated by other business owners.

Sihanoukville now has its own Ranch. Down on Otres (near the Pagoda) you will find Liberty Ranch where adults & children can ride thru the beaches and country side. All levels accepted.

Buggy tours all of a sudden have popped up everywhere: Fun Buggys Sihanoukville, Cambodia Adventures off road tours, Quad tours & Adventures and now the ultimate buggy with an 800cc engine and looks the dogs bollocks. Mad Max Tours can be booked at their office on Ekereach Street near Lucky Ocean Mart.

There’s an Aussie guy offering budget trips around the bay and islands in his yacht. The boat is very basic and has a few leaks top and bottom. The fun loving owner drinks continuously. Not for the faint hearted.

New alcohol wholesale supplier in town next to Charlie Harpers, Bodgea is western owned and supply all wines & spirits and now they are official supplier of Bruntys Cider. Look out for Bruntys promotional nights where the cider is sold at good discounted prices.

Back Packer heaven is a new GH on Victory Hill new building nice rooms nice sea views but VH is not the usual destination for the dread locked warriors unless they book on line. The wonder of the internet.