Bits From The Beach – November 2014

The roads of Sihanoukille are very topical this month for a couple of reasons firstly a couple of bad accidents that have caused multiple fatalities.

A middle aged Russian lost control of his high powered automobile slamming into a student riding his moto. The student who was due re retake his exam the next day died instantly. His moto was in several bits proving the Russian was going at some speed. It was rumoured the driver of the speeding car had had a few vodkas.

More recently an 80 year old Khmer lost control of his Lexus at the junction of Ekereach Street & CT Street outside Charlie Harpers. Two were killed instantly and many injured some seriously the old man was confused with his pedals and slammed on the accelerator instead of the brake why am I not stopping more accelerator bang slam what a mess. The police took him away for questioning.

The local authorities are always looking to widen Ekereach Street, dig it up to lay pipes cables etc, but now they are starting to widen some of the side streets. The latest is Makara Street which is where Snookys is located. They have taken away about 5 meters on each side and made a right mess. Snookys have released a statement saying that they are still open for business. The local authorities want to widen the road to take some of the traffic away from Ekereach Street.

Climate change has affected the weather in Snooky. The last two months which are normally the wettest have been very dry. June & July were probably wetter than normal but the dry period in September & October is certainly unusual to say the least. Early next year we will probably not have enough water again so start planning for a drought.

The director of a French NGO and school in Sihanoukville was arrested recently for messing around with young boys. The French community was in shock and refused to believe the accusations. Apparently the former French judge had been on the radar for some time but there was not enough evidence to arrest him. More recently 2 boys had the balls to come forward and press charges against the Frenchman. It is amazing how these people can immerse themselves in the community for years without being discovered. His Khmer wife is probably an accomplice in so far as she knew what was going on.

The authorities seem to be taking an interest in sprucing up the beaches! Below are a couple of before and after pics of Ochheuteal beach showing how a complete lack of drains can impact a beach and the nice job they did of filling it in.

Photos: Steve Cline