Bits From The Beach – October 2014

It has been a bit wet down here recently. But when the sun comes out it is truly splendid.

The 7th annual poker run took place this past month. Many of the old organisers had left or are otherwise engaged and it took a new team to get it up and running. An event that has proven to be the most popular event in the calendar a great way for the expats to meet new & old friends.

The 7th run started downtown at possibly downtowns most popular venue Charlie Harpers the first cards given out and the first beers down. Next stop still in town was Rebels MC just off the main road Sihanoukvilles favourite biker hang out. Mobbed with over a 100 people drinking beer and hoping for a good card. A hop skip & a jump to Snookys and a bite to eat. Washed down with Bruntys cider on special offer.

Cards are looking good as we head towards the beach & Kong bar where we are entertained with some live music the mix of cider & beer is making the head buzz and the card at Kong was s***.

On to the beach Martini bar the breeze is brisk and a better card gives me renewed hope for that $100 first prize.
From beach to Ochheuteal GH the penultimate bar I think we are going to make it to the end but my hand is ruined by another awful card.

The final beers were drunk at the (can’t be mentioned for legal reasons) The winner announced & congratulations to those that made it the end a truly great day out and thanks to all that helped organise & sponsor my favourite day of the year

All in all a fun day and it raised $921 which was donated to Romduol Ream River School.

White Sand Palace The huge building site on the second road back from Occheuteal beach will be called The White Sand Palace Hotel (see pic). It will also feature a large water park adjacent to it. Apparently it will be open in December.

As for the photo below?
Nick The Greek Who the hell knows what is going on but I am not ringing the number to find out!