Cockroach Corner – August 2014

Do as we say not as we do. Nice to see the boys in blue out and about the other night. They may not be fining everyone at the moment but were out at 4am in a jeep on St 51. Only problem was they were going the wrong way with no lights on and had blacked out windows! Don’t know if they were drunk or not but at that hour it seems highly likely!

Duhhh. A guy sat at Golden Sorya mall on 51 and was approached by one of the local ice queens. No surprise there.

She became very affectionate and draped herself all over him. It was only after she suddenly left he realized he had been pickpocketed and his Galaxy phone had gone. No surprise there.

A quick search of the local area proved fruitless. On hearing the complaints another girl approached and said she knew the girl and would get the phone back for twenty dollars. He coughed up the loot and the girl was never seen again! No surprise there.

The next day he went back to the mall in a bad mood. Talking to some girls he told the story. One girl said she knew her and actually knew where she had sold the phone. After some back and forth discussion he gave her one hundred and fifty bucks to retrieve his phone. And the girl was never seen again. No surprise there then.

We are now all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Tuk Tuk driver that, “I know her house!”

We stand corrected. Oscars bar on St 51 was sold recently and to everyone’s amazement the new owner named it “Muff Divers.” This isn’t Pattaya, so people wondered how long it would last. About a week before he was apparently told to change it. Pretty sure the cops had a laugh when it was explained to them what it meant!

Swapsies? Rainsy returns for yet another overseas trip (strange they always coincide with problems here) basically sells his party up the river (mainly due to the main members of his party being locked up). Then swaps a position with one of his MPs to take a parliamentary seat? He didn’t even stand in the election! Can I swap too? I want to be an unelected MP. Many in his party are disgusted with his deal and rightly so.

As for the beating of security (thugs) at freedom park, general consensus is they have been dishing it out in the past and they were well due for payback. No doubt the circus will continue for some time with them being squeezed into a corner in the not too distant future. By the time you read these things could have changed dramatically.

Batty. They spent a fortune on revamping a parrot in the past. Then BAT spent a ton on withdrawing Ara Blue lights from the market (which were popular with foreigners) and replacing them with Ara silver. Now the Silvers have been withdrawn. In the last few months though reports have many packets being stale and mouldy with speculation that they randomly insert flakes of old car tyres to help you cough up a lung. All from a company whose premium brand here used to be the cheapest supermarket smoke in the UK!

WTF. Golden Sorya mall managed to sink to a new low recently with two dead in a murder/suicide bringing the total this year near double figures. The night after the sad event there was a fight in a bar opposite supposedly involving a US embassy staffer. A while later SUV’s pull up and embassy goons got out with a K9 dog! Were they trying to track the other party or just intimidate the surrounding area? Whatever they succeeded as upon entering the mall half the customers left. Not sure who was at fault but judging by locals throwing stuff at the staffers SUV when he first drove off we have an inkling who may be responsible!