Cockroach Corner – December 2014

That’s handy. The Khmer Rouge tribunal announced the other week it will suspend trial sessions until January, bowing to pressure from lawyers of one of the two defendants charged with genocide.

A tribunal statement said hearings would resume Jan. 9, deferring to threats of a boycott by lawyers of Khieu Samphan, who said it was unfair to proceed while they are still working on appealing the verdict in his first trial.

So all those overpaid lawyers and judges can have a nice long holiday break. Not that the judges need it when some spend under half their time in country.
And so the useless gravy train rolls on.

I am drunken idiot. Having a quiet beer late at night you watch a drunken local stagger onto his moto on the pavement. Once stabilized its takeoff.

He clips the rear of your bike parked at the side of the road hurtles across the road and smashes into the back of a parked tuk tuk.

A crowd quickly gathers. On inspection it becomes apparent he has broken your rear indicator.

With the aid of the bars security guard the drunk is brought over to your bike and you point out the damage.

He smiles in that inane way only locals can says, “sorry I am drunk,” and proceeds to walk off.

Whoa there pal I have to fix this tomorrow so why does it cost me money because you are a drunken idiot.

It takes a few back and forth’s before the logic of the argument sinks in. Finally he agrees to pay under pressure from a girl who has arrived and is presumed to be a sister.

Over to the tuk tuk where haggling over compensation for a two dollar Chinese rear light starts at twenty dollars.

Ten minutes later he wobbles aboard his motorbike and weaves his way down the road!

Information from the local authorities! No not Phnom Penh. In a surprising development Sihanoukville has hit the fore with postings on two Facebook pages.
Expats and locals living in Sihanoukville has a police officer regularly posting info and photos of crime and captured thieves.

The Sihanoukville Immigration police page has the same as above plus lost passports recovered and even information on applying for a work permit!
Time Phnom Penh authorities caught up with the information age!