Cockroach Corner – July 2014

Migrants scrabble. Rainsy says he will give money to retuning migrants from Thailand. Miscalculates number and cost, leaves country. Authorities then prevented Kem Sokha from giving money (far less than Rainsy’s amount) to migrant workers fleeing Thailand. Now it is claimed that CPP activists have been distributing leaflets chastising the opposition’s lack of assistance for returning workers. And so the farce continues. The Thai military tried to extort money out of migrants (as usual) but caused a panic which is affecting their economy. Now at least these workers can get a proper passport and paperwork.

Take this or rot. The Australian refugee debacle rumbles on. Australia has offered asylum seekers at immigration camps in up to AU$10,000 (US$9,400) if they drop their applications for refugee status and return home. Those returning to Lebanon from detention centers on Manus Island and the tiny Pacific state of Nauru were offered the highest amount of AU$10,000. Iranians and Sudanese were given AU$7,000 if they dropped bids for refugee status, Afghans $4,000 and those from Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar AU$3,300.

So the choice is: Take the money and piss off. Go to Cambodia (with its stunning rights record). Or stay here and rot. As there is no way we are letting you in!

The Sweep Stakes. After the riverfront crackdown the sweep for beggars continues. In a statement released on Monday, City Hall said that it will use six intersections across the capital as model areas where beggars and street sellers will no longer be allowed. “The authorities always receive strong criticism from the public about homeless people begging there,” the statement says, adding that the ban will soon be expanded to include other areas of the city. Authorities are accused of carting kids and beggars off to the notorious Prey Speu detention centre.

But according to some caught up in the crackdown authorities are merely demanding a few hundred bucks from families for their return! However considering these are the city’s poorest members the amount is substantial. In the past this has been the authorities modus operandi as they don’t want to spend any money on them. It’s a vicious circle merely making the situation worse for the city’s most desperate.

Cretinous News Network. CNN International has apologised to the Ministry of Tourism after mistakenly posting on its Facebook page on Wednesday that the iconic temple of Angkor Wat was in neighbouring Thailand! Drawing ire from Cambodians around the world and outrage from the government. Not the first mistake for the geographically challenged morons in their studios. How they got news channel of the year is beyond me.