Cockroach Corner – May 2014

Freedom parked by the wayside. For the fifth time in a month (probably more by the time you read this) Mu Sochua was denied entry to Freedom park by security guards. During the ensuing scuffle seven people were injured. Why the hell isn’t the park renamed? Baton Park or Clubbing Park spring to mind. Blame ping pong Meanwhile talks between the CPP and CNRP broke down with each side blaming the other. The three main leaders of CNRP were unavailable for comment as Rainsy is in Europe, Sokha was in the US and Sochua was busy with security guards at Freedom Park. Surprised there was anyone left to negotiate with!

Only in Cambodia Yes they are considering the appeal from Australia to accept refugee boat people! I thought Australia had criticized Cambodia’s human rights record on numerous occasions. Obviously forgotten conveniently as happens in politics, and their only boat people after all! Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch deputy director for Asia, said. “If you scan the entire region and look at different governments, who would be most likely to take, basically, Australian blood money, it would be Cambodia.” Sister Denise Coghlan, director of the Jesuit Refugee Service, agreed. “Cambodia has enough poor of its own to care for without taking in Australia’s.” The deal will probably go through once “compensation” has been upped. So if you don’t want to pay 75k for Khmer citizenship get on an old boat to Australia now!

What! After a high profile court case Onha Khaou Phallaroth took out a full page advertisement in the post to explain his position. Apparently Lay Houng was not his second wife but his mistress. Basically it goes on the say what and evil conniving bitch she is and has made off with most of his properties! Talk about doing your laundry in public!

Another week trashed Remember it’s the kings birthday mid month and as it falls on Tues, Weds, Thurs you can write that week off for achieving anything apart from holidays.