Cockroach Corner – November 2014

Lost for words. After a traffic accident which wasn’t his fault and the other driver did a runner a barang was invited to the local cop shop to file a report for his insurance purposes. A little intimidated by the surroundings he was asked what the other driver was doing at the time of the incident. After a minutes thought he replied. “He was driving in a Khmer fashion.”

The cops didn’t understand what he meant and pressed him for a further explanation. Not wanting to upset the cops he nervously used words such as “erratic,” and “unpredictable.” The cops still didn’t get it and pressed him further.

Finally he just let it all out.

“He was driving like a bloody loony. You know. A mad monkey in a Lexus just like all the other monkeys driving them in Phnom Penh.” The cops just giggled as the local police chief pulled up outside just behind him in his Lexus.

Near impossible. With Thailand clamping down on visas the Khmer authorities seem to have reacted by making “business visas” virtually impossible to get at land crossings.
On the Labour card/visa fracas here latest word is they are trying to sort out a new visa class for retirees/dependents etc.
And probably sorting out who gets what between the two ministries.

Watch out. By the time you read this you may be aware that thefts and robberies have been on the rise recently.
As is the custom here the two weeks before any major holiday is affectionately known as the “Robbery season.” With the Water Festival however it is also the pickpocket season in the crowds in town so hang onto your belongings closely.