Cockroach Corner – September 2014

Australian confusion. It is all rather confusing on the aussie front at the moment. First we have the multi million dollar refugee deal and rumours had it that the Australians were looking for an island site (well that’s no better than where they are now) which apparently will now be onshore. Then we get the announcement that they will be shipping ten thousand head of live cattle to the kingdom. A day later there is a debacle about an abattoir they need. I mean really for which deal?

The day after someone pops up and says they are building a modern abattoir that can handle 3000 cattle a day! That would make it one of the largest in the world. But judging from the photo it seems to be a small row of shop houses which couldn’t handle 100 a day. Smells of bullshit to me or maybe they want the refugees to work there!

Another labour. Tons of questions have been asked but no concrete answers have come forth in the labour card debacle. The ministries don’t really seem to know what they are doing/or won’t say at the moment and for good reason. In 1996 the law was introduced. If you got one it entitled you to get the one year visa for $150. I know I got one for that price. The employer is responsible for providing it not the employee (take note teachers).

The problem lies in the fact that a certain ministry could lose millions in tea money every year. $150 versus $285 multiplied by god knows how many thousands a year soon adds up. When the turf war ends some concrete rules may come forth.

Just announced as we were going to press: There will be no backdating of penalties as long as you get a card before the end of the year. Ministries are now looking at creating a new type of visa for non working people and retirees.
So pop down to the Ministry of Labour and see what they have to say. Should be amusing if not confusing!

Sold up the river again. Ding ding round three! FUNCINPEC seem to be at it again. After two cases allegedly involving selling the party headquarters for personal gain in the recent past. It’s now gone again along with two provincial offices. Everyone is blaming everyone else as usual and it seems some do not know where the new offices will be! It’s a secret! No wonder why they didn’t get a single seat at the election!

Holiday alert! Please remember the 23rd and 24th are national holidays and will probably screw up the whole week. If you have something important to do around that time best bet is try and move the date!